ReFlexRite TAML Level 5

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The ReFlexRite® combination multilateral system has applications in both new and existing wells. The window exit is constructed with the MillRite® system and the junction is completed with the FlexRite® system. The ReFlexRite system combines the unique advantages of both premier multilateral systems.


  • Lowers project economic threshold by enabling continuing production from existing main well
  • Easily installed with a minimum number of steps
  • Eliminates the requirement to drill multiple new horizontal wells for equivalent reservoir exposure
  • Helps increase production and recovery rates
  • Helps reduce well construction costs
  • Reduces environmental impact (fewer templates, flow lines, production facilities, surface pipe installation, fluids handling)


  • Hydraulically isolated TAML Level 5 sealed junction (sand control)
  • Precise azimuth and depth control provided by anchor packer and latch coupling
  • Consistent, geometrically controlled window created with a track guided milling system
  • Maximized drainage through increased reservoir exposure via long lateral screens installed through the junction
  • Mechanical and hydraulic integrity of the junction utilizing self-orienting flexible hanger
  • Maximized flow area at the lateral junction for production optimization
  • Isolation and/or flow control of lower mainbore and lateral
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